Read about our inception and how fate played in your favor and gave you this hub of innovation. 

As a result, ‘Innovation District 92’ came into being on the 17th of March, 2018.
Innovation district 92 (ID92) is a diverse team of makers, investors, mentors and operators who provide entrepreneurs with a carefully curated team of mentors and community of incredible people across the world to help build business. I ID92 not only supports entrepreneurs in developing their ideas but also helps them with branding, launching and marketing products with the aid of in-house media outlets. Breathing the vision of making a ‘Superior’ Pakistan, we at Innovation District 92 breed Change Makers!

Our Vision:

To promote Pakistan as an “innovative District” that becomes an identity for ideas that positively impact our society and economy.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to include the practice of “thinking” in education of ‘innovating’ through ideas and knowing ‘how’ to change with the evolving trend. We believe in ‘change makers’ emerging as a result of sustainability driven by innovation and entrepreneurship.