Superior Entrepreneurship Club is a platform provided by Superior University for the students where they can groom their entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills. This club is led by the students under the supervision of university management that not only organizes the entrepreneurial events but also facilitates the other students to learn and explore the horizon of opportunities.


To foster entrepreneurial thinking, promote business knowledge, and instill confidence in every student of superior University.


To create a sustainable student-run organization at university in order to provide future scholars with the opportunity to learn by doing. In doing this the Clubs committee must set out to foster an entrepreneurial mindset at Superior University.


  • To encourage entrepreneurial thinking and activity, business knowledge, and commercial awareness.
  • To instill confidence, inspire and build momentum among the entire student body.
  • To stimulate participation and interaction among students, entrepreneurs, alumni, faculty and prominent individuals in the world.
  • To encourage students to start new ventures and support them along the way.
  • Groom Entrepreneurial and management skills in students
  • Organize entrepreneurial events (Seminars, Workshops, Startup Trainings, Exhibitions, and Entrepreneurial Forums etc.)