About Us

Our history is overwhelmed with Superior values which are depicted in every initiative we have taken. Facilitating superior human beings was the initiative behind the inception of Superior College Lahore.

We started off from the core values and, with dedication and hard work; we have come a long way.

With over 250 campuses all around the country, we strive hard every day to achieve our mission. Our efforts of making Superior University recognized by well-reputed international educational institutions led us to this time when we have more than hundred universities on board with us from across the globe.

We feel safe to say that Superior University is now considered to be one of the best universities in Pakistan.


Our Vision

To be a leading Pakistani
University driving excellence
In learning, innovation and

Our Mission

We are committed to transform the lives of our students, faculty, staff and alumni by providing an excellent learning and research environment which ensures success in their lives and career. We believe in developing emotionally intelligent Superheroes who can create social and economic impact through entrepreneurial mindset to build a Superior Pakistan.

Our Values

Student Success

What is CMACED?

“Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset to build SMEs, the key to economic development of Pakistan”

Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship and Development (CMACED) established with the mission to equip students with the right mindset to become entrepreneurs and job creators rather than job seekers.

CMACED starts providing facilities, access to entrepreneurial network and mentorship to studentpreneurs to nurture their business ideas empowering them to be ready for incubation as soon as they graduate.

To create social and economic Impact by becoming an Entrepreneurial university

To facilitate in building sustainable society driven by Entrepreneurship, this can provide basis for venture Creation and experimentation

Innovation & Creativity Excellence Empathy Agility

CMACED – Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development